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Werner Ladder Overview

WernerCo is a privately owned, fully integrated, global manufacturer and distributor of access products, storage systems, fall protection and light duty construction equipment. The Company has a history of acquiring adjacent brands/businesses and has been growing, year over year. In recent years WernerCo has also started expanding by acquisition outside of the U.S., particularly in Europe (France (CDH), UK (Abru, Youngman), and most recently in Germany (Zarges). The portfolio of industry leading brands includes Werner, KNAACK®, WEATHER GUARD®, BETTER BUILT®, Youngman®, BoSS®, Centaure, Duarib, Abru, Haemmerlin, Bailey and Zarges. WernerCo products are primarily sold through DIY and professional channels and the majority of customers/ end users are professionals, including contractors, builders, painters, and similar tradespeople. With over 5,000 employees on four continents, WernerCo has a global manufacturing footprint with 14 sites including warehousing, sales, distribution and office facilities in the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, France , Hungary, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Product Overview: • Access equipment operates through ten brands in North America, UK, France, Germany and Australia / New Zealand. • Secure storage, is mainly served through the KNAACK® (jobsite storage), WEATHER GUARD®(truck and van storage), and BETTER BUILT® (truck and jobsite storage) in North America and logistic equipment through the Zarges brand in Europe. • In France and the UK, WernerCo manufactures and markets wheelbarrows and other light construction equipment (e.g., concrete mixers, hose reels) in its light duty construction division – a business acquired as part of the CDH Group in 2016. • The Fall Protection segment was established in 2011
Industry Manufacturing
Headquarters Itasca, Illinois
Company size 5,001-10,000 employees
Website http://www.wernerworldwide.com/