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  • Zesco Limited logo
    Zesco Limited Customer Service Number

    ZESCO Limited is a vertically itegrated electricity utility, which geerates, trasmits, distributes ad supplies electricity i Zambia. It is a public utility, with the Govermet of the Republic of Zambia beig a sole shareholder....

    Customer Service: +26 095 047 6141

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  • Yukon Energy logo
    Yukon Energy Customer Service Number

    Established i 1987, Yuko Eergy is a publicly owed electrical utility that operates as a busiess, at arms legth from the Yuko govermet. We are the mai geerator ad trasmitter of electrical eergy i Yuko ad we work with our paret compay Yuko De...

    Customer Service: +1 867 996 2387

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  • Yep Energy logo
    Yep Energy Customer Service Number

    Embracig #ZimmedariSeTayyari, the Bak takes aother step forward – oe of joy ad hope. Parterig to be ready, resposibly. https://bit.ly/SMPolicyLI...

    Customer Service: +1 877 418 5872

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  • Xylem logo
    Xylem Customer Service Number

    Xylem |ˈzīləm| 1) The tissue i plats that brigs water upward from the roots; 2) a leadig global water techology compay. Xylem, a leadig global water techology compay dedicated to solvig the world’s most challegig water issues, is th...

    Customer Service: +1 914 323 5700

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  • Xyience Energy logo
    Xyience Energy Customer Service Number

    XYIENCE (zi-ece) is the origial great tastig, zero calorie, zero sugar eergy drik. XYIENCE Eergy beverages are available i: Cherry Lime, Mago Guava, Frostberry Blast, Blue Pomegraate, Cra Razz, Fruit Puch, Tagerie ad Melo Mayhem....

    Customer Service: +1 512 501 3890

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  • XTO Energy logo
    XTO Energy Customer Service Number

    XTO Eergy Ic., a subsidiary of Exxo Mobil Corporatio, is a leadig atural gas ad oil producer i the U.S. with expertise i developig tight gas, shale gas ad ucovetioal oil resources. XTO has operatios i all major U.S. producig regios. XTO ...

    Customer Service: +1 800 299 2800

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  • Xoom Energy logo
    Xoom Energy Customer Service Number

    Hi. We’re XOOM Eergy. We’re ito eergy. Reliable eergy. Clea eergy. Positive eergy. XOOM Eergy is a progressive, idepedet eergy retailer that, through its wholly-owed subsidiaries, supplies atural gas, electricity ad reewable eergy t...

    Customer Service: +1 833 355 9666

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  • Xcel Energy logo
    Xcel Energy Customer Service Number

    As a leadig electric ad atural gas eergy compay, we offer a comprehesive portfolio of eergy-related products ad services to 3.4 millio electricity customers ad 1.9 millio atural gas customers across our eight states: Colorado, Michiga, Mies...

    Customer Service: +1 800 895 4999

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  • Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association logo
    Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association Customer Service Number

    WH is a member-owed o-profit electric utility that provides electric power to Wright Couty ad the wester part of Heepi Couty. The cooperative has bee a corporate citize i this area sice 1937 ad curretly serves more tha 50,000 electric accou...

    Customer Service: +1 800 943 2667

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  • WR Grace and Company logo
    WR Grace and Company Customer Service Number

    Built o talet, techology, ad trust, Grace is a leadig global supplier of specialty chemicals withi the Stadard Idustries family of compaies. Our two idustry-leadig busiess segmets—Catalysts Techologies ad Materials Techologies—provide ...

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  • Worley logo
    Worley Customer Service Number

    We deliver project ad asset services for the eergy, chemicals ad resources sectors aroud the world. 48,000 people || 49 coutries...

    Customer Service: +6 189 278 8111

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  • Woodside Petroleum logo
    Woodside Petroleum Customer Service Number

    Woodside is recogised for our world-class capabilities as a itegrated upstream supplier of eergy. Woodside led the developmet of the LNG idustry i Australia ad is applyig this same pioeerig spirit to solvig future eergy challeges. As Aust...

    Customer Service: +6 189 348 4000

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  • Wood Group logo
    Wood Group Customer Service Number

    Wood is a global leader i cosultig ad egieerig across eergy ad the built eviromet, helpig to ulock solutios to some of the world’s most critical challeges. We provide cosultig, projects ad operatios solutios i more tha 60 coutries, employ...

    Customer Service: +5 622 957 7700

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  • Wise Green Energy Limited logo
    Wise Green Energy Limited Customer Service Number

    Wise Gree Eergy is a family ru reewable eergy istaller based i Norwich, our team have over 20 years idustry kowledge i all areas of the reewable eergy sector. We have multiple solutios for heatig, electricity ad hot water ad are dedicated ...

    Customer Service: +44 160 357 4185

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  • Williams Companies logo
    Williams Companies Customer Service Number

    Williams has bee aroud for more tha a cetury, but our work has ever bee more importat. Our employees impact people’s lives every day, fuelig the clea eergy ecoomy with large-scale eergy ifrastructure that coects atural gas supplies to mar...

    Customer Service: +1 855 245 2300

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  • Smart Energy Usa logo
    Smart Energy Usa Customer Service Number

    Follow us to lear more about the chages i Solar Eergy solutios ad how ew techologies will be turig existig electric utility compaies i to gree eergy compaies. The world is demadig gree eergy ad with the techologies ow available to everyoe,...

    Customer Service: +1 800 405 1978

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  • Whitecap Resources logo
    Whitecap Resources Customer Service Number

    Whitecap Resources Ic. is a clea Caadia eergy compay. Our premium asset base allows us to pair sustaiable log-term growth with a disciplied risk maagemet strategy. We are a world class CO2 sequestrator, ad take pride i active commuity ivolv...

    Customer Service: +1 403 265 7770

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  • WGL Energy logo
    WGL Energy Customer Service Number

    WGL Eergy is a leader i evirometally-friedly eergy solutios for residetial, govermet, commercial ad idustrial customers. We deliver a spectrum of eergy offerigs, icludig electricity, atural gas, reewable eergy, ad carbo offsets. For our la...

    Customer Service: +1 844 427 5945

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  • Westport logo
    Westport Customer Service Number

    At Westport Fuel Systems, we are drivig iovatio to power a cleaer tomorrow. We are ivetors, egieers, maufacturers ad suppliers of advaced clea-burig fuel systems ad compoets that ca chage the way the world moves. Our techology delivers perf...

    Customer Service: +4 631 757 8500

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  • Westlake Chemical logo
    Westlake Chemical Customer Service Number

    Westlake (NYSE: WLK) is a global maufacturer ad supplier of materials ad iovative products that ehace life every day. We provide the buildig blocks for vital solutios — from packagig ad healthcare products to automotive ad cosumer goods t...

    Customer Service: +1 713 960 9111

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