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  • Zynga logo
    Zynga Customer Service Number

    Zyga was fouded i 2007 with the visio that play would become oe of the core activities o the Iteret. We pioeered social games with the belief that if we could make games simple, accessible ad social the world would start playig. We are exci...

    Customer Service: +1 800 762 2530

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  • zGames logo
    zGames Customer Service Number

    zGames is a multi-platform provider of iovative, imagiative ad fu games for all ages. As a cotractor, zGames helps games o Uity ad WebGL with iovative features such as augmeted ad virtual reality, gamblig mechaics, gesture cotrol ad eye tra...

    Customer Service: +1 888 576 3837

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  • Zero Games Studio logo
    Zero Games Studio Customer Service Number

    Sice 2013, Zero Games Studios is a idepedet games studio workig o its ow IPs (PC / Mobile) as well as third party developer for various publishers ad studios. (PC / Cosoles / Mobile) Our small but very ethusiastic team is workig o iovati...

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  • ZeniMax Online Studios logo
    ZeniMax Online Studios Customer Service Number

    ZeiMax Olie Studios (ZOS) was established i 2007 to become a leadig developer of olie games. Sice the, we’ve attracted some of the most taleted veteras i the idustry, buildig a eviromet that embraces iovatio ad collaboratio. I April 2014,...

    Customer Service: +1 410 568 3200

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  • ZeniMax Media logo
    ZeniMax Media Customer Service Number

    ZeiMax creates ad publishes origial iteractive etertaimet cotet for cosoles, the PC, ad hadheld/wireless devices. Its Bethesda Softworks divisio, fouded i 1986 i the early days of the idustry, has a log history of success as a publisher of ...

    Customer Service: +1 678 460 4893

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  • ZeMind Games logo
    ZeMind Games Customer Service Number

    ZeMid is a youg, iovative mobile software studio based i Toroto, Caada. Origially specializig i games ad image processig software for iOS/Adroid, we have sice brached out. Followig the success of our first iOS applicatio (Photo Mosaica) ad ...

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  • Zatun logo
    Zatun Customer Service Number

    Zatu "Where Fu Gets Dow to Busiess"​ is a iovative, egagig, ad award-wiig game developer sice 2007. Zatu develops its IP’s as well as does work-for-hire. Zatu offers premium quality game art ad game developmet to publishers ad game de...

    Customer Service: +91 926 583 8537

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  • Zatu Games logo
    Zatu Games Customer Service Number

    Zatu Games is a youg ad up-ad-comig olie retailer ready to chage the game whe it comes to employmet. We’re dedicated to sellig top quality board games, collectables ad merchadise ad we’re lookig for excitig talet to joi our team. Whethe...

    Customer Service: +44 800 007 5444

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  • Yudiz Solutions logo
    Yudiz Solutions Customer Service Number

    Yudiz Solutios Private Limited is ISO 9001:2008 recogized compay ad is also a active member of GESIA. Located i Idia ad Califoria, Yudiz have a extesive techical setup i Idia ad a marketig set up at Califoria. We specialize i providig vario...

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  • XSEED Games logo
    XSEED Games Customer Service Number

    XSEED Games was formed i November 2004 by a small group of idustry veteras with a commo visio; to cross polliate the avid gamig culture of Japa ad North America. Deliverig uique, iovative titles across multiple platforms ad geres, XSEED Gam...

    Customer Service: +1 877 614 7291

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  • XMG Studio logo
    XMG Studio Customer Service Number

    XMG Studio Ic. is a specialized gamig compay, based i Toroto, Caada, brigig you the best of ext-geeratio mobile games. The compay has a strog team of developers ad graphics artists who have sigificat experiece developig video games ad itera...

    Customer Service: +1 416 619 0700

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  • Wowhead logo
    Wowhead Customer Service Number

    Wowhead was created with oe sole itet: providig World of Warcraft players with tools to make their gameplay more ejoyable. New ad excitig features are cotiuously added i order to stay ahead as the leadig World of Warcraft iformatio websi...

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  • Wowhead Classic logo
    Wowhead Classic Customer Service Number

    Wowhead was created with oe sole itet: providig World of Warcraft players with tools to make their gameplay more ejoyable. New ad excitig features are cotiuously added i order to stay ahead as the leadig World of Warcraft iformatio websi...

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  • Wizards of the Coast logo
    Wizards of the Coast Customer Service Number

    At Wizards of the Coast everythig starts with great stories, fatastic art ad iovative game play. Our players ad fas are members of a global commuity boud together by their love of both digital gamig ad i-perso play. From Magic: The Gath...

    Customer Service: +1 425 204 8069

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  • Wildlife Studios logo
    Wildlife Studios Customer Service Number

    Wildlife is oe of the leadig mobile game developers ad publishers i the world. I ie years, our gamig titles have bee dowloaded over 2 billio times, providig fu to millios of people every day, everywhere. We are ot doe yet. We aspire to de...

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  • Wicked Witch logo
    Wicked Witch Customer Service Number

    Wicked Witch is Australia’s largest, most prolific idepedet game developer. Established i 2001, the compay created origial IP Catapult Kig. With over 10 millio paid dowloads, the game cotiues to evolve as a extraordiary free to play titl...

    Customer Service: +6 139 872 3733

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  • Whimsy Games logo
    Whimsy Games Customer Service Number

    Whimsy Games is a youg, well-orgaised compay with highly-qualified team. This is a ot just a compay, it is a platform for creatig games ad iteractive 2D, 3D, VR, ad AR experieces. We develop mobile Apps ad games usig the followig techologie...

    Customer Service: +38 063 459 7954

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  • WGAMES logo
    WGAMES Customer Service Number

    WGAMES Ic. is a leadig social ad casual games compay. Established i 2017, the compay’s headquarters operates i the heart of Dowtow Toroto at the beautiful art desiged buildig located at 134 Peter Street. WGAMES is equipped with usurpasse...

    Customer Service: +1 416 304 9426

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  • WB Games logo
    WB Games Customer Service Number

    Applicats – please be advised that all email correspodece by official Warer Bros. Games recruiters will come from the @lith.com, @warerbros.com or @wbgames.com domais. Our agecy recruiters who reach out through LikedI will also properly i...

    Customer Service: +1 818 977 0018

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  • Wayland Games logo
    Wayland Games Customer Service Number

    For several years ow Waylad Games has stood out as Europe's largest idepedet retailer for tabletop hobbies. You'll fid great value ad savigs o favourites like Warhammer 40,000 ad Warmachie but that's ot all! We have a massive rage of produc...

    Customer Service: +44 170 266 8750

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