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  • Zuppler logo
    Zuppler Customer Service Number

    Zuppler is a global software ad services compay focused o empowerig solutios for the food services idustry, offerig Meu Aywhere, a complete digital orderig platform for restaurats, caterers, groceries, coveiece stores, uiversities, hospital...

    Customer Service: +1 888 987 7537

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  • Zume logo
    Zume Customer Service Number

    Everythig that moves is i packagig, but the reality is, it’s oe of the most damagig sectors to our eviromet with plastic pollutio costig $13 billio i ecoomic damage aually. Global research has show the flow of plastic ito the ocea each y...

    Customer Service: +1 866 863 9863

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  • ZoopIndia logo
    ZoopIndia Customer Service Number

    WHO WE ARE Zoop Idia, A iitiative to make your rail jourey more coveiet ad satisfyig!!! We itroduce ourselves as oe amog the foreruers i the busiess of e-food caterig services i trais. WHAT WE DO Zoop Idia has made food delivery i tra...

    Customer Service: +91 801 080 2222

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  • Zomato logo
    Zomato Customer Service Number

    Zomato’s missio statemet is “better food for more people.” Sice our iceptio i 2008, we have grow tremedously, both i scope ad scale - ad emerged as Idia’s most trusted brad durig the pademic, alog with beig oe of the largest hyperlo...

    Customer Service: +91 837 509 2754

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  • Zifty logo
    Zifty Customer Service Number

    Zifty.com is Atlata's o demad delivery service for meals, coveiece items ad well just about everythig else. Started i 2003, Zifty has quickly grow to fill the eeds of Atlatas that do't have eough time to cook or shop. We have also become th...

    Customer Service: +1 404 817 3345

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  • Yumble logo
    Yumble Customer Service Number

    Yumble is a weekly subscriptio service that delivers healthy, delicious fully-prepared meals specifically desiged for kids. No cookig required! We solve the biggest daily problem parets face: puttig healthy food o the table (or i luch box...

    Customer Service: +1 917 746 5376

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  • Yemeksepeti logo
    Yemeksepeti Customer Service Number

    Türkiye'i ilk ve e büyük olie yemek siparişi sitesi ola Yemeksepeti, 2001 yılıda kuruldu ve 2015 Mayıs itibarıyla düyaı e büyük olie yemek sipariş platformu Delivery Hero büyesie katıldı. Yemeksepeti, tüm iteret kullaıcıl...

    Customer Service: +90 444 5445

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  • Перекресток Впрок logo
    Перекресток Впрок Customer Service Number

    X5 Group is a leadig Russia food retailer. The Compay operates proximity stores uder the Pyaterochka brad, Perekrestok supermarkets ad Chizhik hard discouters. X5 provides a omichael experiece to its customers, itegratig retail stores ad e-...

    Customer Service: +7 800 200 9555

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  • FoodMingo logo
    FoodMingo Customer Service Number

    FoodMigo (www.foodmigo.com) is a olie portal aimed to provide oe-stop oe-click solutio to all your restaurat eeds. FoodMigo offers services that iclude home delivery, table bookig, baquet bookig ad caterig services from 300+ premium restaur...

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  • Wolt logo
    Wolt Customer Service Number

    Wolt is a techology compay that makes it icredibly easy to discover ad get the best restaurats, grocery stores ad other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt works together with tes of thousads of merchat parters as well as wit...

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  • Winni logo
    Winni Customer Service Number

    Idia's leadig giftig destiatio! Wii is Idia’s leadig e-commerce compay committed to providig olie giftig solutios to everyoe. We create ubeatable choices that disrupt the ordiary ad help make the world closer ad more joyful place. Usi...

    Customer Service: +91 782 946 3510

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  • Wine Country Gift Baskets logo
    Wine Country Gift Baskets Customer Service Number

    Wik is a healthier alterative to traditioal ice cream. Made with Pea Protei, ad sweeteed with Stevia ad Mok Fruit, Wik is free of the top 8 allerges, fat & sugar free, ad made with oly atural igrediets. Ad because of everythig we keep o...

    Customer Service: +1 800 394 0394

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  • Wefast logo
    Wefast Customer Service Number

    Global delivery service that eables itracity same-day delivery via ay route, ay trasport, ay weight or size. We revolutioize istat same-day delivery service! Our delivery service specializes o for B2C, B2B segmet of e-commerce as well as i...

    Customer Service: +91 224 905 4444

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  • Beelivery logo
    Beelivery Customer Service Number

    Beeox est u studio de développemet de jeux vidéo créé e 2000. Situé das la belle ville de Québec, au Caada, Beeox est ue filiale à part etière d’Activisio Publishig Ic., chef de file modial das le développemet iteractif. Le st...

    Customer Service: +44 126 021 8220

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  • Waterlogic logo
    Waterlogic Customer Service Number

    Waterlogic is a iovative desiger, maufacturer, distributor ad service provider of drikig water dispesers desiged for eviromets such as offices, factories, hospitals, restaurats, hotels, schools ad public spaces. From freestadig, coutertop a...

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  • Waitr logo
    Waitr Customer Service Number

    We provide a ew aveue for deepeig relatioships betwee restaurats ad diers by makig great local food delivery easy for everyoe ivolved. As a quickly expadig compay, we are costatly strivig to meet the icreasig growth i our markets by addig e...

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  • Veestro logo
    Veestro Customer Service Number

    Veestro wo the 2017 Veggie Award for Best Meal Delivery Service! Veestro offers delicious plat-based meals, made fresh ad delivered to your door froze. Healthy, heat-ad-eat meals for busy people. Our Story: Mark ad Moica had grow up i ...

    Customer Service: +1 855 434 8988

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  • US Food Service logo
    US Food Service Customer Service Number

    US Foods is oe of America’s great food compaies ad a leadig foodservice distributor, parterig with approximately 300,000 restaurats ad foodservice operators to help their busiesses succeed. With 28,000 associates ad more tha 70 locatios, ...

    Customer Service: +1 847 720 8000

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  • Urthbox logo
    Urthbox Customer Service Number

    Discover a Healthier You with a Mothly UrthBox of Orgaic, No-GMO ad All Natural Foods, Beverages & Sacks. I Classic, Glute-Free, Diet, Vega & More. Joi Urthbox Today! www.urthbox.com @urthbox #urthbox ABOUT UrthBox is al...

    Customer Service: +1 888 959 8277

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  • UNFI logo
    UNFI Customer Service Number

    UNFI is North America’s Premier Food Wholesaler. We trasform the world of food for our associates, customers, suppliers ad the families we serve every day. With deeper full store selectio ad compellig brads for every aisle, built o a u...

    Customer Service: +1 323 587 6367

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