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WellMed Medical Management is a health care delivery company in Texas, Florida and New Mexico. Founded in 1990, the vision of our physician-led company is to change the face of health care delivery for the nation. WellMed is a group of more than 25,000 staff and contracted clinicians delivering quality health care to more than 750,000 patients. Through the WellMed Care Model, we specialize in helping our patients stay healthy by providing the care they need from doctors who care about them. We partner with multiple Medicare Advantage Health Plans and other health plans in Texas, Florida and New Mexico. We look forward to continuing our growth.
Industry Hospitals and Health Care
Headquarters San Antonio, TX
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website http://www.wellmedhealthcare.com

 Customer Service Number [WellMed Medical Management]:

Business Customer Service number +1 210 862 0494
Customer Service number
(Find a Doctor)
+1 210 762 3620
[General Info] contact number +1 888 781 9355
[Nurse Advice Line] contact number
(24 Hours)
+1 866 469 3897
[Media] contact number
(PR Inquiries)
+1 210 693 2744
[Jobs/ Career] contact number +1 210 955 6791
[Complaints/ Feedback] contact number +1 210 617 4712

 Support Email(s) [WellMed Medical Management]:

[Customer Service] email
(Find a Doctor)
[General Info] contact email
[Technical Support] contact email
[Jobs/ Career] contact email
[Legal] contact email
(DMCA Inquiries)
[Technical Support] contact email
(Website Issues)
[Complaints/ Feedback] contact email