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Waterloo Brewing (the craft beer division of Brick Brewing Co.) came into being long before the craft beer hysteria that grips our culture today. We are, quite simply, the result of a thirst for terrific tasting beer. Back then, we took to brewing small batches, by hand, from four simple ingredients. Today, we humbly lay claim to the honour of being not only Ontario’s first craft brewer but also its largest. Though our recipe – fresh, handmade, simple ingredients – hasn’t budged. As a multi-award winning regional brewer with over 30 years of brewing heritage, we're a proud, home grown, 100% Canadian run business that offers more than a dozen award winning brands. . When we opened in 1984, we didn’t know craft beers would become so big. All we wanted was a chance to pursue quality without compromise. So far, so good. As the thirst for exceptional craft beers has spread, however, we’ve kept our heads down and stayed true to what we believe are deeply shared K-W values of quality, craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation. That’s meant having to sort through how we can continue to pioneer craft beer culture, while also finding ways to brew responsibly to the environment and a community that we’re as fond of as we are fond of beer.Today, we still create balanced, thoughtful beers that riff on traditional styles. We just happen to have grown bigger, and we hope a little wiser, in how we brew. While tales abound as to the true inspiration behind the boar’s head we’ve chosen to embrace on our newest packaging, here’s the story we’re sticking to: Over centuries, the wild boar has symbolized strength and courage. Beginning with our very first batch of Waterloo Dark in 1984, the words ‘pour the boar’ have inspired our brewmaster with the courage to craft wildly interesting beer, without the compromise of haste, inferior ingredients or passing trends. That’s it. That’s the whole story. Maybe. POUR THE BOAR! Current job opportunities: https://ca.indeed.com/jobs?q=waterloo
Industry Manufacturing
Headquarters Kitchener, Ontario
Company size 201-500 employees
Website https://waterloobrewing.com/
Specialties Cider

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+1 519 707 0660
Customer Service number +1 800 505 8971
[General Info] contact number +1 519 742 2732

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